Web platform's hidden gems (series)

Published on Tue Mar 24 2020

The web has certainly grown a lot over the last half a decade and continues to grow at an enormous pace. The highlight of this explosive growth is the continuous addition of feature-rich APIs that enables developers to create much more interactive and efficient web applications.

Enhancements such as GPU accelerated graphics/computation, lower-level APIs that provide better control and hardware access not only allow developers to cater to a wider spectrum of users but also to support various other platforms and use cases. This makes the web portable and extensible in the true sense.

Even though these APIs are in very early stages at the moment, they seem to be really promising and tend to provide an idea on how web development in the coming years would look like.

Looking beyond the JavaScript framework landscape, there are a lot of nifty features that the web platform offers natively and it's important for developers to know about these specifications and understand the possibilities that the native web has to offer!

The browser has become more than just a renderer or a document viewer. Developers have been constantly pushing the boundaries of the web which has led to its common adoption as a software platform!

As an attempt to shed some light on these web platform APIs, I have decided to start the blog series - Web platform's hidden gems. The first blog post of the series would cover the Gamepad API and would be published soon. So keep an eye out on this space for more info.

That pretty much sums it up! If you have any questions or suggestions, don't forget to leave a comment down below. Also, feel free to say hi 👋 to me on Twitter and Github.