Building the BRXLZ Liverpool FC Anfield Stadium

Published on Sat Nov 21 2020

I've been a huge fan of construction toys since I was a kid, be it Lego, Duplo, Meccano, or Mechanix! I had them all and I never used to get tired of playing with them.

I don't mean to brag but I used to build some of the most interesting towers, houses, games, mini-cities, puzzles, and mazes, that too without any manuals or guides. Just pure imagination and creativity. Ah! those were the days.

Anyway, this isn't about me reminiscing about the fun times I had building those sets and playing with them. Rather It's about a new set that I got the chance to build (which is amazing by the way), and I want to share my experience here.

So for my birthday this year, I got the BRXLZ Liverpool FC Anfield Stadium construction set as a present and since I am a huge Liverpool FC fan, I was totally blown away!

The overall quality of the set is top-notch and the level of detail is absolutely amazing! Believe me cause I've seen the real thing. From the main stand's roof to the Kop end even the brick patterns on the outside of Anfield road stand - it's just perfect!

The set contains 4,650 pieces (also includes extra pieces just in case you lose a few here and there) and a 126-page manual that has all the step by step instructions.

Since many of the pieces that come along are really small and can have different color shades, my suggestion would be to identify the pieces from the chart and sort them out based on shape and color. That way it's easier to locate the pieces and use them in the steps.

Once you have all the pieces sorted out, you can pick the ones required in a particular step and start placing them together.

Day 1

So I started off by setting up the foundation for the entire structure, this sets up the base for the stairs, the field, and all the stands.

Day 2

The stairs have started to shape up and fresh grass has been laid out on the field. The groundwork for the seating area has also started.

Day 3

The lower end of the seating area is complete and the exteriors of the stands are starting to shape up. At this point, I would suggest placing the pitch sticker on the field because there is more room available for easy movement.

Day 4

The upper end of the seating area is starting to shape up and the entrance/exit tunnels are now complete.

Day 5

The roof on the Kop end has been placed and the upper level seats are almost complete.

Day 6

With the seating area and the exteriors complete on all sides, its time to work on the roof structures. The roof on the Kop end has been extended and the base has been set up to place roofs on rest of the sides.

Day 7

The roofs are starting to shape up with the Anfield road stand roof complete.

Day 8

The roof on the Sir Kenny Dalglish stand is now complete. The main stand's roof has been extended, on top of which the truss would be placed.

Day 9

And its complete! Anfield stadium - home of Liverpool FC, the Premier League Champions!

With the roofs of the main stand and the Kop end in place. The truss and the extended roof have been put together to complete the massive main stand

Here is the complete set with all the stickers placed - the LFC crest on the outside of the main stand, the Kop end and the Anfield sticker on the front.

Complete BRXLZ Liverpool FC Anfield Stadium set

BRXLZ Liverpool FC Anfield Stadium

I would say it's not complex to build the overall set if you sort the pieces out correctly from the very beginning. Like I said some pieces have different color shades which can be a bit tricky to identify.

The set has a lot of tiny pieces and for the entirety of it, you would be building all the structures end to end using a lot of different pieces and placing them together. And if you are an avid builder like me, you will definitely enjoy building it. I did for sure! And it would give you a real sense of accomplishment once you complete the set.

It took me 9 days, where I was spending around 3-4 hours per day building it, that's approximately 36 hours or 1.5 days in total. Not bad at all if you ask me!😄

That pretty much sums it up! If you have any questions or suggestions, don't forget to leave a comment down below. Also, feel free to say hi 👋 to me on Twitter.


PS: Erica Louise, If you are reading this - thank you again for the wonderful present!😄